Want to know the real reason your child screams, hits, tantrums or just won’t listen?

The Hand in Hand Parenting approach demystifies your child's loud reactions and big upsets and gives you practical science-backed tools to work through them—even if you're frustrated and feeling like you've tried every parenting tip out there.


Do constant power battles, defiance, and endless crying or tantrums leave you burned out? Do you feel powerless as a parent, exhausted, or judging yourself?

Then watch this webinar today.

You'll hear simple, proven no-yell strategies to help you effectively and patiently handle whining, crying, defiance, tantrums and other challenging behaviors. It will help you become the calm, confident parent you want to be. 


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Certified Hand in Hand Instructor, Katy Linsley

Katy Linsley is a trained teacher, childcare expert and Certified Instructor of Hand in Hand Parenting who lives in the UK.

These tools transformed Katy's relationship with her two boys, helping them to overcome the challenges of separation anxiety, stand-offs and defiance. Now, she helps other parents learn exactly what drives hard to handle behaviors and the tools needed to meet them calmly and with confidence. 

Just listening to my kids differently changed everything

“I had no idea that I had the power to transform the quality of my home life and the relationship with my children by simply listening to them differently. The tools I learned helped me to listen with my heart.”

Jodi, Northern California